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Hello I am Jeff DeVries

My love of real estate started back in the late 80’s when I purchased an investment property after graduating from high school. More than 30 years later, my passion for building and renovating beautiful homes for families continues to grow. A relentless drive for improving quality, processes, transparency, and customer experience fuel the desire to create an extraordinary custom home building company.


Quality family time is also a passion. I have been married to my wife Theresa for over 23 years and have 2 adult children, Hannah and Jordan. Although we are empty-nesters for the most part…hanging out with our kids is a favorite pastime. Whether it’s an impromptu family dinner or planned vacation, board game or beer olympics, sunset chill out or wild adrenaline-fueled adventure…time spent together with family is always treasured. 

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Hello I am Tyler Petersen

Passion, integrity and transparency are the foundational blocks that we proudly proclaim as a family. From my childhood, my father had a trademark statement that I will never forget: Integrity - “we say what we do and we do what we say”. 


Meaning, every action in your life is on display. Be proud of what you do. Be the husband and father you are called to be. Be a leader. Be different. 


I was bit by the construction bug when my wife Rachel and I bought our first home together. It was the classic fixer upper! Room by room, we struggled our way through the renovation. Learning along the way, our passion for home building became more intense. Our scale of renovations did too. From a simple window install to new construction builds we love the design challenges and overcoming the objections!


Several homes and two children later we are still in love with the home construction game. We are extremely passionate about transforming houses into homes. 

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Our Story

Indie Homes was born out of a desire to create an exceptional custom home building and renovation company. A company that builds high quality homes and offers superior customer experience from design through completion. 


A few ways we are different…

  • An exceptional customer experience starts with putting our customers first and meeting them where they are vs trying to force them into a box. Regardless of design, style, or budget…we’re happy to help make your dream a reality.


  • Our highly skilled team, finely tuned systems/processes, and committed trade partners and suppliers make it possible to offer some of the best pricing for custom homes and renovations.


  • We clear up the typical smoke and mirror pricing games prevalent in the construction industry with honesty, integrity, and transparency in our pricing and time frames. 


  • Consistent communication and updates play an important role in making your construction project memorable not miserable.

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